Hey guys! As if a webinar wasn’t enough for one week, I felt compelled to jump on the blog too. We’re so passionate about teaching you everything you need to know to AVOID unnecessary and unexpected costs in your reno projects, that I thought I’d share a few more tips here. 

One of the most common reasons for budget blowouts, is just because rookie renovators don’t know any better. We get it – that was us when we first started out too! Knowledge is power, and we want to share the knowledge that we’ve learnt on the job to give you the power to protect your precious pennies. 

Get your pens at the ready, here are three decisions you’ll need to make early in your reno or new build, to avoid a budget blowout (quick, add them to your budget and to-do list RIGHT NOW!):

Window Coverings

Blinds, shutters or shades… whichever you choose, most people leave selecting their window coverings until the very last minute. This kind of makes sense, because they’re one of the last things to be installed, but we’ve found that this can be a real missed opportunity. Window coverings can make a huge difference to your comfort levels, in fact my Luxaflex window coverings are one of my favourite things in my home.

There are so many gorgeous options available (we’ve used most of them in our renos) and you’ll want to plan for window coverings early in the process for two reasons: 

1)    These days you can get amazing motorised window shades that open and close automatically with the rising of the sun. If you want motorised blinds (and trust me, you do!), the electrics for them should ideally be roughed in before the wall linings go on. Leave it ‘til later and you might end up paying twice for a job that can be done once.

2) If you don’t decide on your window coverings until late in your reno, chances are you’ll be out of budget and left with the painter’s drop cloths hanging from your windows as an attempt to block the morning sun. Include them as a line in your budget from the start so that you know they’re accounted for.

Get down to your local Luxaflex showroom to see what’s available as soon as you can. If your experience at the showroom is anything like our local, prepare to have your mind blown! And guess what? All our Reno School students receive 20% off storewide, with our exclusive discount code.


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