Considering home renovations and saving the environment? It is best to consider your carbon footprint when planning for these renovations.  Let’s all be ECO friendly! Of course, there are things that you can’t really avoid when doing the actual renovation, but there are steps you can take prior to starting that will help make less of an impact on the environment.

Some of these steps could be:Check to make sure that your space is mold freeChoose your materials wiselyMake sure measurements are accurate so that there are less excess leftover piecesUse energy efficient lightbulbs in your new fixturesInstall a controlled thermostat (NEST) to keep the temperature maintained in your home and to avoid heat lossBonus points if you add a rain barrel to the side of your house to recycle the water for your plants and garden

Another Eco Friendly approach is to donate any of your materials that you are replacing. There are many organizations that will take your donated material and use it in their own projects. One of these such organizations is called Habitat For Humanity. They have “ReStores” which are independently owned reuse stores operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations that accept donations and sell home improvement items to the public at a fraction of the retail price.

Man handing a woman a pamphletImage courtesy of Habitat for Humanity

You can find out more about Habitat for Humanity ReStores on their website.

Shop Local

Shopping locally helps with being environmentally friendly because you will be purchasing materials that are already in your location and don’t need to be shipped to you. Plus it is never bad to support your local businesses and provide jobs for people in your area.

Try and make sure to use VOC products in your renovations! VOC is short for volatile organic compounds. These compounds produce harmful molecules which can cause long term health effects.

paint cans

Consider Eco friendly Paints

Using VOC free paints will help you breathe easier in your home. Here is a list of places that have Eco Friendly VOC free products:

Home DepotBenjamin MooreDuluxEco Building Resources

And lastly, try and purchase or reuse energy efficient appliances. It will go a long way and save you money in the end.

We hope that you enjoyed this post about being eco-friendly when renovating your home! Contact us and we can help you plan an eco-friendly renovation for your kitchen and stay tuned for more helpful tips from us here at Kitchen Gallery.

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